2012 USP 797 Compliance Study results have been released

The 2012 USP Compliance Study results have been released.  To read the full article click here

The 2012 USP Compliance Study was completed in June 2012 and the results have just been published. Originally performed in 2011, the study was the largest and most comprehensive investigation of compliance ever undertaken. The ongoing USP Compliance Study is led by sterile compounding experts Eric Kastango, RPh, MBA, FASHP, and Kate Douglass, MS, RN, APN,C, CRNI. We believe that the information gathered and the insights gained from the data will be valuable to the industry, will inform compounding decision-making and will facilitate ongoing improvements to patient safety.

The 2012 USP Compliance Study used a sophisticated web-based Gap Analysis Tool which Eric and Kate developed and have been using in their assessments of sterile compounding practice at industry locations for several years. This tool was made available at no charge to all study participants. It should also be noted that ALL INDIVIDUAL FACILITY RESULTS ARE CONFIDENITAL - ONLY AGGREGATE DATA WAS USED IN THE STUDY REPORT.

In return for their participation, each participant received a highly-detailed Action Plan for Compliance with the Chapter that was automatically generated based on their answers to the survey items. The Action Plan provided can be used to begin or continue sterile compounding practice improvements at participants’ locations.

To participate in the 2013 USP Compliance Study send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and you will be notified in May 2013 when the Study cycle begins again. If you prefer, you can access the Gap Tool now by visiting www.797study.com and following the directions for registration.


New Policies and Procedures Templates Available for Purchase

With USP Chapter <797> becoming official on June 1, 2008, a big part of your management responsibility will be creating, updating, and, most importantly, enforcing policies and procedures.   That is why ClinicalIQ is now making available 20+ years of clinical, operational and management experience in the compounding industry by offering you the opportunity to purchase a set completely updated Policies and Procedures templates.   These templates will help you comply with the new regulations as our policies and procedures have already been updated to reflect the revisions. Why spend your time – which is money – reinventing the wheel – let ClinicalIQ's experience help you.

Discover the Virtual Compounder™

I have been dedicated to educating and training the pharmacy industry for more than 10 years and when I find something new and innovative I get excited about it and want to share it with everyone I know. CriticalPoint, LLC is pleased to announce the expansion of our training line with The Virtual Compounder™ - an interactive and innovative approach to competency assessment.  You now have the ability to demonstrate and document competency right from your desktop.  To preview the gowning and gloving training click on the image to your right.

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