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Eric Kastango speaks at Cleanrooms Europe 2006  E-mail

CleanRooms Europe 2006 is the world's largest international contamination control business and knowledge exchange forum for skilled professionals working in the growing range of industries requiring clean or ultra-clean manufacturing processes and facilities. The event attracts attendees from industries such as biotech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food. This year, CleanRooms Europe was for the first time hosted in the Czech Republic at the centrally-located Brno Trade Fair from October 24-27, 2006. 


Eric Kastango, President and CEO of Clinical IQ, spoke on the timely topic of Practices and Requirements for the Compounding of Sterile Pharmaceuticals (CSPs), a topic on which Mr. Kastango is widely regarded as an authority. The presentation was well received and generated discussion and further inquiries.  For more informatin about this topic, please contact Clinical IQ at (973) 765-9393.

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