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Baxter's Pharmacy team, together with an international Pharmacy expert, have just completed an eight-day Roadshow on aseptic compounding to key ANZ opinion leaders in mid-August.  

Mr Eric Kastango, a US expert in aseptic compounding, was engaged by Baxter ANZ to undertake 14 presentations around Australia and New Zealand to key government agencies with an interest in patient safety around aseptic compounding.  

Eric is the President and CEO of Clinical IQ, a healthcare consulting company based in New Jersey, USA, that specializes in aseptic compounding and quality systems and education and training. 

Eric's works are extensively published and he is a regular presenter at international pharmacy meetings.

The primary objectives of the Roadshow were to:

.     present a review of the different range of standards that could be
applied to aseptic compounding,

.     some exposure to the European Code of Good Manufacturing Practice,

.     the background to the US' first enforceable standard for compounded
sterile preparations and its implementation into the US market,

.     the regulation Baxter Pharmacy Services operate under and the
difference in regulation between hospital and commercial operations.

The audience ranged from representatives from State and Federal Health
Departments, State Pharmacy Boards, the TGA and Medsafe.

"Baxter Pharmacy Services' key driver for this initiative was to ensure
patient safety through the uniformity and enforcement of standards," said
Stuart Cash, Market Manager - Pharmacy.

"Through this roadshow, we have been able to effectively demonstrate to our
key customers that Baxter Pharmacy Services are setting the benchmark in
good compounding practice."

"In addition, it was evident that all members attending were grateful for
the opportunity to listen to the speaker and discuss the issues informally
around the table."

Baxter Pharmacy Services (BPS) pharmacy operations are classified as
manufacturing operations and as such are licensed by the TGA and Medsafe.

BPS adopts the European code of GMP (Annex 1) as the Gold Standard and our
operations are regulated as aseptic filling operations under all the
requirements of Annex.


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