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Clinical IQ, LLC provides a wide variety of products and services to our customers who range from local start-up operations to established national companies in the hospital, home care, and specialty compounding industries. As our goal is to be the trusted source in sterile compounding information and other pharmacy topics, we are pleased to introduce our new website.  ClinicalIQ.com is our main outreach vehicle, and it has and will continue to receive a lot of our attention. The  new website is full of information and features and we have big plans for adding even more.  As a way to get you started, here are a few highlights.  If you want to comment on what you find here please go to the Contact Us page and send us a message.  Content sections on our site include:  

Consulting, Training, Audits, and Software

We offer a wide variety of services related to sterile compounding, USP <797>, and other pharmacy specialties. These services are organized by category, and you can choose specific services either from the expanded menu or the service page. Either way, you should be able to find what you are looking for.



These are important links for us as we go to great lengths to connect with the pharmacy community and build lasting relationships.  Many of the products and services that you will find here are developed and delivered in partnership with other organizations and even with our clients.  This is something that we are proud of as we believe these partnerships make our products and services more relevant.

Knowledge Base

This is perhaps the most exciting area of the new site.  We have created a place to post valuable articles and links sorted by category so they are easy to find.  Then we have subscribed to several news feeds so you can come here and quickly view the latest news from the best pharmacy sources.  There is a Peer Network that you can join.  The goal is to create a networking environment where you can post questions to Clinical IQ experts and benefit from the experience of colleagues in the field.  Joining the Peer Network is not free, but we think you will agree that have a very interesting and user-friendly community environment. 

Event Calendar

This is an exciting tool that we will use to communicate training schedules, public speaking engagements, and industry events.   There is a lot going on, so we think this will be useful.

Future Plans

We have plans to add two new features to the website.  The first is a shopping cart so you can join the Peer Network and buy Clinical IQ training and audit products quickly and conveniently.  The second is a news feed so we can get greater exposure for all the things that we are doing.  Clinical IQ is going places and you are invited to join us.

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