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With USP Chapter <797> becoming official on June 1, 2008, a big part of your management responsibility will be creating, updating, and, most importantly, enforcing policies and procedures. These resources will help you do both of these better as they have already been updated to reflect the revisions.   That is why ClinicalIQ is now making available 20+ years of management experience in the compounding industry by offering you the opportunity to purchase completely updated Policies and Procedures templates. 

Don't spend your valuable time reinventing the wheel - let ClinicalIQ's experience help you. According to Wikipedia, Policies and Procedures are a set of documents that describe an organization's policies for operation and the procedures necessary to fulfill the policies.

Policies and procedures have many names including but not limited to
policies and procedures (P & P), standard operating procedures or SOP, or department operating procedures or DOP.  All mean the same thing.

Organized in 7 topic areas are 30 different totally customizable Policies and Procedures with 25 customizable Forms that can be used to document your compounding activity covering the following areas:

1. General Requirements
2. Quality Management - Facility and Personnel Sampling
3. Compounding Facility Management
4. Training, Conduct and Competency of Compounding Personnel
5. Inventory Storage and Handling
6. General Compounding Processes
7. Hazardous Drug Compounding

Remember if you do not document it, it never happened

Click here to place you order for the complete set customizable Policies and Procedures for only $2,500.

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