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This informational reference map is being presented to assist you in keeping updated on your state's compliance status with USP Chapter 797 and continuing education (CE) renewal requirements through a research project conducted by CriticalPoint, LLC and NABP.


Missouri Board of Pharmacy
PO Box 625
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: 573/751-0091
State 797 Compliance Status: Indirect




Does the state have specific language requiring compliance with USP 797?


Does the state have specific language requiring compliance with Sterile Compounding or Parenteral Preparations regulations?



What is regulation cited and verbiage used?

Rules of Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration - Division 2220 — State Board of Pharmacy - Chapter 2 — General Rules: Section - 2.200 Sterile Pharmaceuticals




How many hours of training are required for license renewal?



How often must you renew your license?    



How many hours of didactic/live training are required for renewal?    



How many hours of pharmacy law are required for license renewals?   



How many hours during the renewal period must be in Sterile Compounding?    



What is the state law reference number regarding license renewal training?    

MO BReg 4 CSR 220-2.100 and MO PracAct 338.060


What is the name of this section heading?    

MO Breg 4 CSR 220-2.100 Continuing Pharmacy Education & MO Practice Act 338.060 Renewal of license or permit--late renewal or failure to renew, effect--continuing education requirements--inactive license issued when-- changed to active, procedure.


What is the verbiage regarding the renewal of license requirements?    

MO Practice Act 338.060 (3.) Except as provided in subsection 5 of this section, when applying for a renewal of the license as required by the provisions of this section, each licensed pharmacist shall submit proof of the completion of at least fifteen hours of board-approved continuing education courses during each twelve-month period immediately preceding the date of the application for renewal of the license. The board shall prescribe the form to be completed. No license shall be renewed unless the holder thereof has complied with the provisions of this subsection.




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