797 Compliance Advisor by Critical Point

The 797 Compliance Advisor is a free, interactive, Web-based survey tool that uses customized metrics to assess your facility’s compliance with USP 797 . This product guides you through the process of collecting preliminary data, answering step-by-step questions, and evaluating your final results.

There is no cost to access this tool as we are providing access for the benefit of all in the compounding community.

With an comprehensive database containing more than 150 questions covering all aspects of USP 797, this is the most comprehensive tool you’ll find for bringing your processes, facilities, and staff training programs into compliance with all aspects of USP 797.

  • Accurately assess your facilities risk levels. Our product provides computer-assisted calculations of risk levels based on your unique compounding scenario, protecting patients and supporting your decisions.
  • Perform a thorough gap analysis of every facility affected by USP 797 requirements.
  • Create and document your action plan to meet all requirements relating to the USP standard.

With the 797 Compliance Advisor , your benefits are long term. You can reassess compliance with USP 797 on an ongoing basis over time, as your facility’s processes and procedures evolve – providing a reliable solution for years to come.

We have the expertise to guide you through the toughest decisions, and resources to train your staff to be the best in the business.

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