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The Accreditation Survey process can be bewildering and demanding.   Clinical IQ, LLC can guide your infusion, specialty, or respiratory care pharmacy through the accreditation process.  Our services include all the services performed by ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc.).  We review your organization's policies and procedures related to current ACHC standards, perform on-site mock survey, and then report back to you with an analysis of any deficiencies.  This process often leads to revisions in policies and procedures.  If there are significant changes in your pharmacy practices, employees have to be trained in the new methods.  What is more, employees should be briefed in as to what to expect during the survey process.  This decreases stress levels and allows employees to apply practical interpretation of the standards.

Accreditation is important to stay compliant with legal requirements.  Pharmacy surveyors investigate and enforce laws related to manufacturing, selling, or dispensing drugs.  This involves conducting field surveys of pharmacy practices and making drug law investigations.Accreditation services  For example, a pharmacy surveyor might survey a community or hospital pharmacy to determine compliance with acceptable legal and professional standards of practice or inspects drug manufacturers and wholesalers to determine the quality and the purity of the drugs.  Other important practices where compliance is important include specific drug laws, inventory record keeping, and storage requirements related to the Controlled Substances Act.  Clinical IQ, LLC has expertise in all of these areas and can serve as  your independent advisor to both stay compliant and operate more efficiently.



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