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This informational reference map is being presented to assist you in understanding your state's laws and regulations relative to USP Chapter 797. You will also find specific information on your state's continuing education (CE) requirements. This research project was conducted by CriticalPoint, LLC and NABP. Please click on your state balloon to read the details of this research. By clicking on any state balloon you are indicating you have read and agreed to the clinicaliq.com Terms of Use.


The three status levels are Direct, Indirect, or No Reference.  If the state level is Direct then the laws and regulation are harmonized with USP Chapter 797. If the state level is Indirect then the laws and regulations do not specifically site USP Chapter 797 but there are laws and regulations for Sterile Compounding and/or Parenteral Nutrition. If the state level is No Reference then there are currently no laws or regulations referencing USP Chapter 797 or Sterile Compounding/Parenteral Nutrition. And a link to the full Detailed Status and CE Requirement research information which can be printed or e-mailed to other colleagues.   This detailed information includes the following:


State Pharmacy Board official name, mailing address, and phone number and by clicking on the word Website will link you to the board's home page. Below the Website link is the state's 797 compliance status which correspond to the color of the balloon listed above. Following this information are the details of the research project.  If the state compliance status is Direct or Indirect then the specific regulation and verbiage used will be cited.  Next is the information on your state’s CE renewal requirements including how many credits are needed, how often you must renew, if law or sterile compounding hours are needed and the specific CE regulation cited and verbiage used. N/A indicates that information on this topic is not addressed in the CE requirements for the state.


For Pharmacy Technician CE requirements please visit the PTCB web site.


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